Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi Everyone,

I'm going to go straight into this post! Following is a list of expectations I had for all of my mens cards when I started them.

A quick reminder of my goals for these cards:

  • Easily mailed / no extra postage - Postal Service gets enough as it is in my opinion! 
  • Wide range of styles that reach out to the young men in our lives, the old or older, the tots, the ones who love jewelry, cuff links, rings, earrings (as so many of them wear now) etc. Basically those who love bling and those who don't!
  • To use items from my stash that have been long forgotten about! A Must!
  • To go back to what we did before the giant flowers, the fancy and not so fancy brads, the rhinestones, the glitter glues, the bulky embellishments etc.
  • To get you all motivated enough to set time aside for making men's cards BEFORE you need them!

Thanks for stopping by to see me and have a great day!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

 I love the background paper used on this card so I really wanted to do it justice. I was happy with the results! The tags are from the Paper Pizazz cut-out book I mentioned in previous posts. Stamped black sentiment. You can actually see the sentiments on these cards better than they came over in the photograph.
 Another tag with one of my faux brads! Stamped sentiment.
 Tag from Cut-Out book with stamped sentiment.
 I used a brushed metallic look paper for the background of this one, large tag from the same cut-out book, and matted a stamped sentiment.

small tags from same book, faux brads, matted stamped sentiment, same brushed silver look paper.
This poor card. I actually did the card just below this one first and didn't have enough of the tiny star stickers or flags left. I am going to look through my stash to see if I have some stars that will look right on it. I looked at the time and didn't have any that really looked good but, everything was in such a mess at the time. I've now cleaned everything up and better organized it all. LOL!
Also, the medallions on this card and the one above were cut out of the same book with the tags.
What you are looking at now is, believe it or not, an old Valentine card! Another one of my secrets! I normally wait until after the major holidays and shop for TRUE clearance item such as these. I matted the Valentine card and mounted it as the focal point on this and the following cards. I will use these for a younger little guy or perhaps for that man who is young at heart!

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  1. Love the postage stamp tags. They look so real. I also really like the third card with the waving flag. These are cool. I really like the images of the horses and cards. Hard to believe they were Valentines' cards. Very creative! Good job! I'll be back!



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