Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Here's another post with the next batch of men's cards! I'll get right to it! Following is the list of expectations I had when I started these cards:

A quick reminder of my goals for these cards:

  • Easily mailed / no extra postage - Postal Service gets enough as it is in my opinion! 
  • Wide range of styles that reach out to the young men in our lives, the old or older, the tots, the ones who love jewelry, cuff links, rings, earrings (as so many of them wear now) etc. Basically those who love bling and those who don't!
  • To use items from my stash that have been long forgotten about! A Must!
  • To go back to what we did before the giant flowers, the fancy and not so fancy brads, the rhinestones, the glitter glues, the bulky embellishments etc.
  • To get you all motivated enough to set time aside for making men's cards BEFORE you need them!
Thanks for stopping!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

 This card and the next 3, turned out to be such dark cards I just didn't know if I liked them. I know some men are so very "macho" that they only like dark colors, so I thought these would be good for them! I think the background paper is a Creative Memories color. The tag is from that same tag book I've been referencing throughout these posts, matted a stamped sentiment, added a bit of bling with the rhinestones, and a strip of black paper.
 This pocket watch is a stamped image. I purchased this stamp from an online company I found on eBay. The two hands have to be stamped on separately and that way you can stamp whatever time you want. The sentiment was leftover from a card kit one of my sisters gave me.

 I really wish this card had photographed better. I photographed it several times and this was the best I could come up with. The beveled rectangular gemstones that are on the black strip of paper are gorgeous! They are kind of a smokey quartz color. The sentiment is from another very old Paper Pizazz cut-out book!
 Used several stickers and a stamped sentiment on this one.
 Several more stickers and stamped sentiment.
 Two different background papers, a little boy fishing that is a Cut-Out and a stamped sentiment.
 Different background papers, stamped sentiment and a "Fresh Cuts" Cut-Out fisherman's tackle bag!
 Several stickers, two different background papers, a stamped sentiment and a 3-D foamy that I glittered!
 Two different background papers, 3 different "Fresh Cuts" Cut-Outs that I overlapped, stamped sentiment and a simple strip of ribbon.
 Different background papers, stamped sentiment on craft paper, cut edges with decorative scissor and a "Fresh Cuts" Cut-Out.
This is actually just two different background papers, a simple stamped sentiment, a Punch Out hat (left the white border on purpose), some little water splash drops and fish stickers. I cut the fish in half to make it look as though it was coming up to the surface of the water.

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  1. Hi Bethann, Once again I have to say my favs are the "fishy" cards. The first three are whimsical and so cute. I've never been a real big fan of purple, but I do like the plum colored card with the beveled stones you were talking about. What shall I do once all of your men's posts are complete? (maybe make some cards of my own? lol) See you next time! TFS



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