Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi everyone, normally I would not post something like this but, I was taught that right is right and wrong is wrong and besides, I think it's a very bad thing for others to take advantage of ones weakness for blog candy, take of their time, effort and creativity! If you keep up with my blog, you'll remember a while back in Oct. I won some blog candy from a blog site entitled SCRAPPIN' TILL THE COWS COME HOME. Well, as sad as I am to have to tell you, I will say that I've never received my blog candy from the woman that runs that site! I've had numerous email communications with her and she says she sent it after finding it in the back of her car buried under some other items! I've assured her that I've not received it and perhaps she should contact her post office to run a trace on it but she won't respond to my emails any more. I don't have to tell you that I waited with such anticipation for that package! I couldn't have been more excited for myself and those I intended on sharing it with! As it stands, I have no blog candy and nothing of that sort to share  (saddest frown). So the moral of this story is... Be Wary of blog sites with the above title, they may disappoint you some way, some how! By the way, I also apologized for complaining about the length of time it had been if she had put it in the mail. Personally, if I had mailed a package to someone and after 2 months or more they still didn't have it (even coming from Europe area), I'd have the local post office send a tracer out on it. I can't even do it on my end, because I have no idea where it's coming from! Well, All Is Fair In Love & War, Cards & Blog Candy I guess!
Thanks for stopping by! 
PS. Blog Candy is not YOURS until you have it in your possession! I've been scarred for life!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Please remember that my goals for these cards were as follows:

  1. Easily mailed needing no extra postage 
  2. The use of the older items in my stash, mostly stickers, cut-outs& punch-outs 
  3. All "MAN" and able to translate over to the many different facets of men in our lives 
  4. Pretty simple layouts / designs, but still pleasing to the eye  
  5. Masculine and not too flashy but with some still appealing to the blingy type of man 
I think what brought on this project was the fact that I found myself constantly and purposely overlooking all of the many stickers I had in my stash! Most of which I accumulated while avidly scrapbooking. I had so many categories and images left over once said memory albums were finished (and we all know STICKERS DO HAVE A SHELF LIFE!!!) that I knew I would have to do something with them. When I first got into card making, thanks to my sister bringing me "Over To The Dark Side", as we affectionately call it (smile), I started, naturally, using my stickers. That's what I knew, but then things in the card world began to change and they changed so very rapidly that my stickers got shelved for all of the cutsie brads, rub-ons, gooey, gluey glitter (try saying that 3 X fast), and all of the other really cool dimensional items like Jolee's, K&Company etc. Now, years later, and I do mean years later, here I am back to where I began! Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping and sharing some of your time with me today. Have a Great One!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

 This card is the same layout at the blue one in the last post.
 This card has the plaid vellum, pre-stamped paper disc, the faux brads and a Wallie I actually purchased with the intention of using it on a card. Those of you that don't know, a Wallie is really a type of decal made for a wall! They would normally go on the wall either like wallpaper or contact paper. I told you nothing is sacred any more! LOL!
 Okay ladies now, this is NOT  a butterfly! It's actually a moth. How can one tell you say? Well, you must look at the antenna the body and the coloring. The antenna are fuzzy, the body is bigger and fuzzier and the color is normally not as vibrant as a butterfly. This is a Fresh Cut, remember those???
 Faux brads, vellum plaid, stamped sentiment and a cut-out
 same items as directly above card.
 This card actually has silver glitter pen accents within the tag but they didn't photograph well. The tag is an old cut-out and that is a REAL brad by the way! LOL!
 An old tag cut-out, real brad holding a metal tag that says LAUGH, a rhinestone at bottom with a drawn grounding line.
 Another old tag cut-out with rhinestone brad
 Cut-out, brad, strip of paper, stamped sentiment
 Tag cut-out, purple rhinestone brad, strip of paper, stamped sentiment
Cut-out tag with square brad, stamped sentiment, strip of paper (my faux ribbon) and rhinestone.


Hello All, 
It's so very good to be back! My digital camera had some issues among other things... Anywho, I'm back and loving it!I know as you view some of these cards you may question them but, I know we all know different kinds of men, hence the different kinds of cards! When viewing the cards with the rhinestones ladies, just think of your man's cufflinks, his tie clips, his watches, perhaps even the earrings he may have for that one ear of his that's pierced. A lot of men wear bracelets and some wear necklaces and think about the nice belts with the interchangable buckles and even the ones that don't! You see, our men do like the bling even if they won't admit it. We have to call it something else when talking with them about it because otherwise they think we're trying to "doll" them up right? :-)

I would really appreciate it if you would pass the word along to other bloggers about my men's posts. I'd love to have more traffic on this lonely little ol' blog of mine!  :-o

I'm hoping my cards, once all is said and done, have inspired you and motivated you in some way or another. If you have stickers that you have been hanging onto and refusing to put on your cards... for shame! Use them, get them out and blow off the dust! They're nice enough to make cards with! What did we do before brads, flowers, 3-D stickers and embellishments, doilies, big bows, little bows, specialty ribbons, butchers string, liquid dimensional, pop dots, stickles, rhinestones, sticky backed pearls & rhinestones, fibers, paint chips, paper punches, embossing folders, die cut machines etc!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE THOSE OL' STICKERS A CHANCE LADIES! They deserve it! Let's go back to the "Good Ol' Days" of card making! While you're at it... make those men in your lives SOME CARDS! lol! Don't wait until you need it to make it!

As Always, Thanks for stopping by,
Bethann aka PawwPadd
 This is my 15 month old Granddaughter, Mia (Mee-ah) and she is a little doll baby! She's as sweet as she looks!
 This is my 5 year old Granddaughter, Arianna (Are-e-onna) and she's a cutie pie and as smart as a whip! She's very lovable and a challenge. You just better be on your  Ps & Qs with her, because she doesn't miss a thing! They both share a very large portion of my heart!
 This card has a rub-on (magic), a rubber stamp sentiment and stickers on it.
 Another rub-on and stickers
 A sticker person and words are a rub-on
 Sentiment is pre-stamped disc, I put a rhinestone on it and of course there are the same type of sticker images
 Ladies, I said in a previous post that nothing is sacred and having said that, I will tell you that the Converse tag and ball link chain came on a pair of my sons Converse sneakers and he asked me if I wanted it... Well Duh, Yeah! He knows me well! LOL! I drew the grounding lines and stamped the sentiment.

 Flags and car are stickers and the exhaust was randomly cut from a decorative paper.

 Just randomly torn papers with a stamped sentiment and a car sticker.
 This card and the one directly below each have a vellum sentiment. Was never trying to use them but...

 This card is ALL stickers!
 I used a glossy white gel pen for the faux stitching around the edges of this card, the tools are stickers, the hat is a very ole cut-out and the tag has a stamped sentiment, faux stitching and a metal brad.
 This card has a vellum plaid overlay, a paper strip, very large sticker sentiment and a thick paper punch-out bottle cap with faux brads in each corner of the card.
 The tag has a rub-on sentiment, the other sentiment and balls are a very large sticker and the frame is just a paper punch-out. I added a metal edged rhinestone brad to finish off the tag.
Very large sticker again, narrow paper strip and I just simply repeatedly stamped sentiment. I think this card is very simple but gets the point across loud and clear. I like it. Thanks again for stopping by, I'll put up another post on Wednesday! See Ya!


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