Saturday, May 15, 2010


Challenge # 1
This is a card I made for a very nice lady's NEW BLOG! My sister actually told me about it and I'm really excited about it, for her as well as for me (oooh the possibilities). Her name is Lynn and she has another blog entitled Lynn's Designer Creations. The challenge is for a card made using the colors Black, Silver, Pearl and or White. I must say, none of the elements photographed well in one photo so I'm actually loading four shots of the same card. What're ya gonna do?  :-(   Soooooo here it is. Thanks for stopping by.

I used black glitter ( by DoZEL), deeply embossed decorative pearl paper ( by The Paper Company),
a smooth silver paper (by Grafix) for the scallop, a silver metal "love" sentiment (by Colorbok) .
The flowers were punched using three different sizes of the same flower image.
I actually punched them out of a decorative paper ( by DCWV) that has a somewhat retro
look design on it along with silver glitter and black and white images.
I simply layered them to give them dimension . I've also
added another pearl touch using the pearl bead centers ( unknown) on the flowers.

Friday, May 14, 2010


So I'm back again. Sorry it's taken so very long to get this post up, I've not been feeling well. After the last post I realized I wasn't very happy with the way my cards photographed, so I decided to shoot them outdoors. I guess these are a bit better, but there are still elements you can't really see true. In any case, I do like these photos better. I decided to load most of the cards because, although, some may have the same paper on them, they look different because of the alphabets. Also if you notice, most of these are the "thank-you" cards. I did some with the T. U. and some with the T. Y. Depending on who you are and what generation you're in, you may use one or the other. I don't think it really matters myself. Hope you enjoy them and as always, T. U. for stopping by!  :-)
                       T. Y. for stopping by!  :-)

I actually stamped this one upside down. That's what happens
when you've been up too long working on your cards! LOL!
All was not lost though!

If you think you're seeing stripes under this glitter... you are
I will tell you after I saw this (the next morning), I used my dremel
tool and sanded the decorative paper off the others! We live and
we learn.

 stripes under as well  :-)

There is actually a tear drop shaped gem stone in
the lower right corner of this card.


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