Saturday, October 16, 2010


In reference to the post just below this one; I do have a couple of type-Os, but I wasn't able to get back in to edit it for correction for some odd reason. Also, I did play around with the masking FX on the two pink cards (flowers & butterflies)can you tell where? See Ya!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just A Quickie!

Hi All,
PawwPadd here to show you a quick peek of some things I've been working on. I actually did these prior to starting work on the men's cards and completely forgot I had the shots already on my camera ready for uploading! I was going through my camera getting ready to empty it out for the Scrapart show this weekend!

I hope you enjoy taking a look. I enjoyed making these a lot and plan on making more similar ones later on.

As Always, thanks for stopping by!
See you soon!
Bethann AKA PawwPadd

Trying my hand at using my alcohol inks and Stazon ink!

Another alcohol and Stazon trial. Neither on of these are card... Yet!

I came across this rubber stamp in my stash and thought, why not make a card with her, she's kind of "snazzy" looking. I'd never used her before and I actually like how she turned out. I used the Stampin' Up markers to color her in for the most part. I also used some glitter markers to color in the blingy part of her.

This card was a trial to see how I liked the layout I planned on using. I liked it fine. I wanted to pretty much do a somewhat monocromatic card and decided to make another as you'll see in the next image.

Hope you enjoyed them,see you soon!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Man Oh Man!

Hi just stopping in for a quick post! I've not been on in quite some time because I've been having a pretty challenging time with my illness. That's life... or should I say, that's my life (smile). Oh now, don't feel bad. I'm a fighter and I'm stubborn. My minister, Ben, says that's a good thing for me (smile). Anyway, I have been working on a bunch of mens cards. We always forget the men until we need a card for them. I visit a lot of different card crafting blogs and mostly all I see are girly cards or cards I wouldn't be sending to any of the men in my life! So, I decided to devote a ton of time just making cards appropriate for men!

A few years ago (about 3-5 yrs), I decided I would get more organized with my card making as I am with my scrapbooking so, I started sorting and matching my men appropriate papers with stickers, and other embellishments I had on hand. Well, within that time there's been an awful lot happen in my life and thus threw me off track with that. I ended up with almost 50 folders, each housing enough stuff to make anywhere from 2-9 mens cards!! Well, I recently got on this cleaning spree in my craft room and a "finish old projects" spree and came across all of these folders! Whoo hooo! It comes at just the right time for me also because I was growing kind of tired and bored with my card making and wanting a challenge. I do like a challenge.

I'm happy with the way most of them are turning out and I hope you enjoy them as well. I won't be posting them for a while though because I just don't want to get off track with what I'm doing. I don't want to have to stop to photograph and load them. I'll probably be ready in about a couple more weeks so stay tuned and get ready for a FULL MEN'S CARDS BLOW-OUT!!! I'm warning you, by the time I'm done with all of these cards I'll probably have well over 100 cards. I'll give you a count when I'm done though. I'm hoping you get some inspiration and ideas from it!

See you all soon and thanks for stopping by!
Bethann AKA PawwPadd


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