Monday, January 10, 2011


Please remember that my goals for these cards were as follows:

  1. Easily mailed needing no extra postage 
  2. The use of the older items in my stash, mostly stickers, cut-outs& punch-outs 
  3. All "MAN" and able to translate over to the many different facets of men in our lives 
  4. Pretty simple layouts / designs, but still pleasing to the eye  
  5. Masculine and not too flashy but with some still appealing to the blingy type of man 
I think what brought on this project was the fact that I found myself constantly and purposely overlooking all of the many stickers I had in my stash! Most of which I accumulated while avidly scrapbooking. I had so many categories and images left over once said memory albums were finished (and we all know STICKERS DO HAVE A SHELF LIFE!!!) that I knew I would have to do something with them. When I first got into card making, thanks to my sister bringing me "Over To The Dark Side", as we affectionately call it (smile), I started, naturally, using my stickers. That's what I knew, but then things in the card world began to change and they changed so very rapidly that my stickers got shelved for all of the cutsie brads, rub-ons, gooey, gluey glitter (try saying that 3 X fast), and all of the other really cool dimensional items like Jolee's, K&Company etc. Now, years later, and I do mean years later, here I am back to where I began! Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping and sharing some of your time with me today. Have a Great One!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

 This card is the same layout at the blue one in the last post.
 This card has the plaid vellum, pre-stamped paper disc, the faux brads and a Wallie I actually purchased with the intention of using it on a card. Those of you that don't know, a Wallie is really a type of decal made for a wall! They would normally go on the wall either like wallpaper or contact paper. I told you nothing is sacred any more! LOL!
 Okay ladies now, this is NOT  a butterfly! It's actually a moth. How can one tell you say? Well, you must look at the antenna the body and the coloring. The antenna are fuzzy, the body is bigger and fuzzier and the color is normally not as vibrant as a butterfly. This is a Fresh Cut, remember those???
 Faux brads, vellum plaid, stamped sentiment and a cut-out
 same items as directly above card.
 This card actually has silver glitter pen accents within the tag but they didn't photograph well. The tag is an old cut-out and that is a REAL brad by the way! LOL!
 An old tag cut-out, real brad holding a metal tag that says LAUGH, a rhinestone at bottom with a drawn grounding line.
 Another old tag cut-out with rhinestone brad
 Cut-out, brad, strip of paper, stamped sentiment
 Tag cut-out, purple rhinestone brad, strip of paper, stamped sentiment
Cut-out tag with square brad, stamped sentiment, strip of paper (my faux ribbon) and rhinestone.

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