Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well, first I thought I'd start off by asking a question. Would you like to know how I make my faux brads? Let me see a show of hands of those of you who already know how to make them! Okay, well that settles it then, I guess I have to share that secret with you. LOL! I like doing faux brads because this technique allows you to be able to match ANY color paper you have! All you need is your paper (I've only done this on cardstock quality), a hole punch or whatever shape you want (I actually have a moon, star, circle etc.) and the most important element is liquid glass. Depending on the company it may be called liquid elements, in any case, it looks like water when it dries. You simply punch out however many "brads" you need, you glue them in place on your card, completely cover them with about a dot or so of the liquid element, set aside to dry! Before you know it, you've got a "Faux Brad"!!!
Thanks for stopping by and have a Great Day! In Case I hadn't said; HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

Please remember that my goals for these cards were as follows:

  1. Easily mailed needing no extra postage 
  2. The use of the older items in my stash, mostly stickers, cut-outs& punch-outs 
  3. All "MAN" and able to translate over to the many different facets of men in our lives 
  4. Pretty simple layouts / designs, but still pleasing to the eye  
  5. Masculine and not too flashy but with some still appealing to the blingy type of man 

 I had a lot of this paper! Glad it's used up! Rubber stamp sentiment, decorative beehive paper, sticker bees

 Just for the record, I hate this card with a passion and it almost met it's fate with trash heaven but, it is what it is. My friend told me not to throw it out, but of course her and her mother both like to gamble! LOL!
 This is actually a 5 X7 card. Very large cut-out that I stamped sentiment on.
Another 5 X 7 card, punch-out tags that I stamped on


  1. Good morning Bethann! I was just checking out my lonely blog and happened upon a new post on your men's cards! Yeaaaah! I LOVE those busy bee cards, they are so cute! I laughed about the card you didn't toss. I have quite a few of them myself. Every once in a while I look them over again to see if they can be far...NOT a one. They are safe and sound though, and will be checked again in the future. lol
    I'm going to visit Helen today. I know she will teach me something new, and I look forward to my visit. = ] I'll tell you all about it!
    Your football card is perfect for any football lover. If you know their team -you could put a small pic on the inside to personalize. Not that I would do that. lol OK, I'm going back to: reading my novel, writing out bills and dreaming about making some new cards...! Love you!

  2. Hi Bethann,
    I finally got to your blog and WOW!! you have certainly been busy with your card creations...I love the men's cards as you ever see very many around on the blogs..I hope you are well and all your tech probs are fixed, technology can be a real pain sometime..
    Thanks for your great comments as usual and now I'm to say hi to your sister Rae, who I haven't visited in quite a while :)
    Take care
    Lynn :)xx

  3. Wow! You have been busy! Thanks for the hand made brad tip:)



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