Monday, December 6, 2010


Hello All,
This post is kind of a dedication to all the men in our lives. Contrary to popular belief, men like to feel special and they do like cards and for some reason ladies, we never seem to make them for men. I've been blogging now over 2 years and surfing the card sights longer then that and I would not run out of fingers counting the amount of cards I've seen for men. Let's not wait til Father's Day, Our Anniversary or his birthday is right around the corner, let's start right now!

I'm hoping this post will inspire you all to get out those masculine papers, embellishments and all, look at your supplies with a new eye and CREATE SOME CARDS for the men in your life now!

I'm going to run these masculine cards in more than one post because it is so many. I'm hoping you'll see something that will spark your creativity and you'll be on your way in no time creating some masculine cards! I know we all like the "Foo-Foo", the "Fluffy Stuff" and the "Blingy-Bling" but, it might be safe to say that when it really comes down to it, we probably love them more...  We love em', we hate em', we couldn't live without em'... Men!

So, I'll be around to your sights to see what you've come up with over the next few weeks. Hopefully I won't be disappointed. (smile)
Thanks for stopping by! Go Get Em'! Bethann-aka-PawwPadd

For the "Lil Guy" in our lives.

 The images used on this card and the next 2 under it are actually images I cut from a Mercedes ad that came to my home! The paper is fairly thick and as soon as I saw the images in the booklet, I knew where they'd end up! LOL! DON'T VIEW ANYTHING THE SAME AS BEFORE YOU STARTED MAKING CARDS LADIES!!! I DON'T! This image is matted on black paper, by the way, and cut around.
 I was very happy with the way this one turned out!

 All of these images are rub-ons, except the's stamped
 I actually cut a piece of lined paper down, wrote the sentiment I wanted, drew the little medicine bottle and cut it out, chalked the paper because it was white, matted it all and was satisfied in the end! Spoon is a cut-out!
 Sentiment is popped up.
 This card, as layered as it looks, is only 1 layer and it looks just as good up close holding it. I wanted to do something else to it but, it just didn't lend itself to anything else!
 The photo really doesn't do this card justice. Wish I was a better photographer (want to take some classes). Sentiment is popped up and the image is a cut-out.
 This card is actually layered with some "Fresh Cuts" cut-outs on it! That button looks real doesn't it???
 Also layered and has a "Fresh Cut" cut out on it.
 Globe is popped up and it is a sticker.
 Fresh Cut cut out!
 Post card Cut out.
 I think after looking at this card, I'm going to chalk the edges around the sentiment cut-out in a tan or brown shade. The car is a sticker. That is a real gold brad in the top of the sentiment cut-out.
 All stickers
This card is interesting to me because, the paper looks dimensional and layered already, but I actually used my X-acto knife to cut that entire deer out. It was on white paper and my friend Cindy scanned the original  ages ago prior to using it in her father's album! I had to cut out in between the legs and antlers. I haven't enlarged it yet so I don't know how much you'll be able to see once that's done. (smile)

Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest post and I'll see you again real soon!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

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  1. Hi Bethann, Thanks you for all of your recent posts. Well, to start off about this one, that duck card is so stinkin' cute.(I have him in a rubber stamp that has yet to see ink!) He looks so happy, he just made me smile! And I don't think it is necessarily limited to a child. I also love those Mercedes cards, especially the second one. It looks like a store bought card! I like how the quote turned out on ...spoonful of sugar...great job! and last but not least...I can not believe you cut out that deer! I even enlarged it to see it there was a sliver of white showing. There was NOT. Another impressive line up...keep um coming!
    PS. I told you my computer troubles have so far kept me from posting those Christmas cards. I hope I can figure it out soon...



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