Saturday, December 4, 2010


Here's another post for the men! I do have something of interest to tell you all. After trying to clean up a bit in my craft haven, I actually came across an accordion file that has SEVERAL more folders in it that are housing cut papers, embellishments, stickers etc. FOR MORE MEN'S CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can imagine the fright on my face after this find!!!!!!!!! I am now so sick and tired of looking at stuff for men's cards I just don't know what I'm going to do!!!!!!!! I don't really know if I should attempt to do them and get them out of my way forever, or pack them away for another time!!! I think it may very well be the latter of the two!
Well, see you all again real soon! I'm trying to get them out there to you.
Thanks for comin' back to see Casey and me!
Bethann aka PawwPadd
PS. Hope your holiday shopping is going GREAT!

                                          Make A Wish... not to be bothered! LOL! I'm sure that's what
                                          my hubby's wish would be. No one EVER bothers him when he's
                                          on his throne! LOL! LOL!


  1. Hi Bethann,
    Well, I love this whole set of cards, but especially the last one! lol It is a perfect card! I am about to try to start loading my Christmas cards today. We'll see what happens. : )
    PS. I say DEFINITELY postpone that last folder of dude cards for another day, another month,perhaps another lifetime (hahaha) but that is coming from a horrible procrastinator. I have way more on my "to do" craft list then my "to done" list! lol love you!

  2. I have that sea blue colored paper with the continents on it and have never been able to us it. What a fab idea to use it for a male card. I will try that well as soon as I get my Christmas gifts finished. But I think that would require me getting off the computer. hehe.



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