Friday, December 10, 2010


So, my family and I went to, what's called, The Celebration of Lights here in VA. Very large park and every year this time they put on a very magnificent light show! The photos I was able to take just don't do it justice but, I think you'll get the idea. You actually have to drive through in your vehicle and everyone drives at a snails pace (you expect that), taking photos and oooooohing and ahhhhhhing! LOL! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sorry my photos didn't come out better. Hope you enjoy them. May you and yours have a Very Warm and Wonderful Holiday Season...stay safe and don't forget to pray.
Bethann aka PawwPadd

 A skier!

 There were several archways set up for us to drive through and it was magnificent! Even my 5 month old grandbaby was oooogling!

 Says: Once Divided, Forever United. This was a dedication to the armed forces!
 This huge Santa face was actually blowing his cold breath, I just couldn't catch him before he blew! The colorful snowflakes were actually overhead as they appear, it was so very cool!

 They look as though they really are floating in the air!

 This bunny was hopping and there were 3 images but, I could only catch 2 of them, the first and the last!

 This is a racoon. I think there were more than one image of him but I only caught this one. Had to keep it moving! LOL!

 This was really nice! It was actually moving along the track!

 This had movement to it also.
 This was on the way out!  :-(
 Bye-bye Santa.
 Still wanting more, this is just a house we eye-spyed on the way back somewhere. We thought it was decorated pretty nice!

This was also in the front yard of the same house. I have a lot more photos of the light show, I just don't think they'll come across too good on the net. Hope you've enjoyed the ones I did load. If you're ever in the Peninsula area of VA, this show is a must! It's $10.00 a car load and it's worth every penny! Lucky for us, we were given free tickets! Yippee! Thanks to Mrs. Newby!

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  1. Hi Bethann, These photos are lovely. I enjoyed looking at them. I hope I get down there to see them in person! Thanks for sharing them!



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