Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well, here's another one for the men in our lives! I'm really hoping that you are all getting something out of these posts I've been putting up. I still have a lot to go and I'm also hoping you're not tiring of seeing them. I've been in the process of getting my Christmas cards out in the mail! I actually posted them all last year after I finished them, so I don't have any to show this year. I will start my holiday cards for next year very soon though. I think I've come up with a simple layout for them.

I'm always wanted something somewhat simple for the holiday cards because I have over 100 to make each year! We use to send out about 200 and our list has been cut down considerably for whatever reasons over the years.

Well, I hope you all enjoy these cards and I'll be seeing you real soon with another mens post!
Thanks for coming!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

 I wanted to put a sentiment about walking in "his" shoes on this one but...
 All of these Get Well cards to follow are all the same layout. I actually drew all of the fly swatters on with a glitter pen! All of the sentiments are popped up and inked. 

 The 3 red cards with the red swirled paper, this one and the 2 below I will send to a man although I can tell that the photos over the computer are making it look kind of pink. It's really shades of red .

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  1. Hi Bethann,
    I do have some favorites this post. I love the fly-swatter cards, but you know I am SHOCKED at those sentiments (lol)! I also like that "Hunting season" card where the deer looks like he is just chillin saying "humpft,...wish you would..." Thanks again for another inspiring post. I'll be glad when I can get back to posting.



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