Friday, April 23, 2010


A very happy hello to all my blogger buddies! Being a crafter is an experience that cannot be described with few words. There's always something happening with this project or that. This card project is absolutely no exception. First of all, working with loose glitter is a job in itself, then there's the element of surprise when trying to photograph a card with several different types of elements or mediums on it. These cards have glitter, chipboard, gemstones, inked flourishes and decorative paper! How on earth do you photograph all of these very different elements on one surface so that their best "face" shows through each and every time??? Hence my dilemma...time for a new camera I think! I use a light box and a very nice digital zoom lens style camera with different lighting (depending on what my color scheme is)! Well, I'm not normally a quitter but, a girl can only photograph a subject so many times before she's sick and tired of looking at it! LOL!

These cards represent the project that is now occupying my craft table. I still have several to go before these glittery, messy, mock-ups called cards are out of my system! Wish me luck and hopefully I'll see you again in a few days with part 2 of this "hair-raising" dilemma known as card making! As usual, Thanks for stopping by and Thanks for all of your support!
PawwPadd Creations

Notice how the flourish looks washed out and the
gem stone looks very dark? Not the true look of this card.

The alphabets and the decorative paper photographed
darker than they should have, and yet the gemstone and the
flourish look fine.
The paper in this case is kind of faded looking and the
alphabets aren't as brilliant as they really are. The flourish
is faded looking and the gemstone is too dark.

This glitter is actually a very bright and brilliant gold, contrary
to the way it looks here. I didn't think the flourish
would look right with the balloons, so I decided to use
some bright gold sticker letters I have and they
came out looking dark!

I'm probably happiest with the way this one photographed,
although the alphabets are a bit darker then they
actually are. I think the paper is a tad darker, but not
too much. The flourish is fine and the pearl is fine.

On this one, you can barely see the rhinestone in the
flourish. The flourish itself is kind of lost and you can barely
tell that the alphabets are covered in black glitter! Not at all the way
this card looks up close

Trial and error...experience is the best teacher!


  1. Hi Bethann, I zonked out again last night, but here I am this morning to check out your new post! I love checking out your new posts! ;D
    I like these cards. I like the design, and the flourish with the stones/pearls, but my favorite papers are the ones at the top. Beautiful! (I think the last one could maybe even go for masculine...what do you think?) As always, TFS!

  2. Hey Bethann, I so love your sparkley glittery HB cards :o! Your designer papers look beautiful as each background. It's great how you make more-than-one-card of similar but different designs...really must find that "Note to self" on my messy craft desk telling me to CASE that idea from you and Rae. :o)

  3. Hello Bethann,
    These are wonderful. I might have to have some fun with something like this.
    Thank you for stopping by and for leaving such sweet words. It is appreciated.
    Have a great weekend at play:)

  4. Hi Bethann!

    I can see that creativity runs rampant through your family. These cards are really nice!

    I'll be following along...



  5. Good morning! I wanted to ask you if you would participate in a challenge for a blogger friend of mine who just started a new challenge site. This is the URL:
    It looks like a challenge we can both participate in. I'm going to work on my card tonight. Black/Silver & White/Pearl (Anniversary card, maybe?...) I'm going to try that new pearlized paper we bought. Remember!?! Thanks!



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