Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What you are about to see are cards made with one of my craft finds of the century! My friend Cindy and I were out shopping one Saturday afternoon and went to Michaels craft store, right as we walked inside there were these bins filled to the brim with felt embellishments! I was astounded when I looked at the price which was .22c per pack. I tried to talk Cindy into getting some, I told her she'd be sorry if she didn't. Well, she didn't and wondered later why she didn't get them. When she sees these cards I'm sure she will want to kick herself. She said she just didn't know how she would use them. Cindy and I have many moments like this one, unfortunately for her.

The packs had the flower used here on my cards and 6 other felt embellishments. Much to my surprise, when I checked out, each pack rang up for, I think, about .11c each! WHOO-HOO!! I've had them since last summer and I was determined to use them! I remember when felt was used for "old days" handy crafts (as they were once called), hand puppets for kids, Barbie clothes you could glue the seams of, Christmas ornaments for our trees etc. Now look at what they're doing with it! We can even run it through out die cut machines! After being around as long as it already has, I think felt is going to be around for a very, very long time to just get used to it! My Mom probably would not be amazed though. She was really a lady well before her time...the things my Mom could do with "stuff" would amaze you! She worked with the Scouts for over 20 years if that tells you anything!!!  WHAT A CRAFTER! Love you and miss you always Mommy.

              Thanks Rae for helping me with the paper color choice. I'm very happy with it (smile).
These are the other 6 embellishments that were
in the package with the flower. Now I've just
gotta figure out how I'm going to use these.
(future post lol!)
I've used the same layout with all of the cards, just
two different Cuttlebug backgrounds and different
sentiments. I also found the felt ribbon used here
in a bin on a seperate occasion at Michaels for
about .50 or 1.00 a roll. Each roll has 4 yds.

Thanks Mommy for teaching me all you knew!


  1. Cute, cute, cute!! Love the flower and the ribbons!

  2. Super cards! I just love felt!!! Love the card texture too.

  3. You have the inner eye ...LOL
    It is wonderful to see beyond the clutter in a craft store bin to the possibilities that await.

    Your cards brought that out very nicely. As a game designer, I LOVE Michaels! Just about everything in there is a wish away from being a game piece, board or landscape. I hope Cindy listens to you in the future :)





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