Friday, April 16, 2010


For the longest time I stayed away from using flowers on my cards. My sister came to visit one summer and while on a shopping trip I took her to one of my favorite stores here in VA. She had me helping her to look for silk flowers to be used on her cards. That lead to an entire conversation about me, flowers and cards. That night she told me she would help me do some cards using some of the flowers she purchased. She just couldn't understand my apprehension about using them. That night we created some beautiful cards and I was over my fear and sold on the idea that it's okay to use flowers on cards...even silk ones.

I used only what I had available so there's not an even amount of each combination. I actually did 25 of these and the group you will see is just a representation. I know they are all very similar but, if you look closely you will realize that between the papers, the center gems, the buttons and ribbons, something is different about each one of them which is why I chose to load so many. Not real happy with them but here it is.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still funny about using them so I say, "all flower cards ARE NOT created equal! I haven't really put my finger on it as of yet, but I do know what I like when I see it. So... A yak is a yak and that is that! Thanks for peeking~

I actually started these cards at my sister's home in MD recently
and this is what it looked like as I struggled with the combinations.

This is one of my faves simply because of the fun
 and funky paper used. Funny thing, my friend likes
this one the least because of the paper used LOL!
Go figure!
My sister Rachel and I recently had a conversation
about how funny it is that two people can look at the
same object and see something totally different.

These two yellow cards are my other faves. Another tidbit
about this project; these cards were originally suppose to be
vertical but the flowers are so large that they made the cards
very top-heavy, so between myself and my sisters Susan and Rachel,
it was decided they would be better turned on their sides making them
horizontal cards in the end. I had already cut all the faux stems and
decided they were gonna have the stems like it or not! LOL!

All of the following flowers are a deep purple, but for
some reason they've translated over as being blueish... Sorry



  1. Hi Bethann, Love your latest Archuletta pic (He's so cute!), and your words of wisdom (so true)! Love the flower cards! Especially the first yellow one, and that bold reddish orange right over them! Beautiful! You inspired me to return to some big bold flower cards for a few Mother's Day cards. Thanks for the inspiration, I needed it badly!

  2. Oh Bethann, I LOVE your flower cards! I am a huge fan of silk flowers on cards and rarely make a card without one! I am constantly buying them at the craft stores and my latest 'find' for silk flowers is the Dollar store...yet one more 'obsession' taking over my Craft Room. :o)



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