Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, you may or may not know I've been away from my blog for some time now. I've been taking a much needed break while finishing up other projects, not all crafts, here at home. I won't be back on for a few weeks after this because I'll be traveling out of town. I just wanted to show you all how my summer wreath turned out! I've now completed all of the wreaths I need to carry me through an entire year! Yippee! One project scratched off my list of things to do! It's been hanging on my door since the beginning of summer so I didn't want you thinking I just finished it. Let me know what you think of it. As always, a big thanks for stopping by my by! Hope You're Having A Wonderful Summer!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

                                             My SUMMER Wreath!

                                             My SPRING Wreath!

                                                       My WINTER Wreath!
I added a sheet of black paper behind it just so you can see the word HOPE that hangs from it a bit better.
                                                       My FALL Wreath!
Thanks for looking and I will probably load each one of the others as they get hung on my front door. They'll probably look better. I really don't think these photos do them justice. I am very happy with the way they all turned out! Even more happy that I didn't have to pay the outrageous prices they charge for wreaths in the stores! These wreaths were made, pretty much, with left-overs from other projects, extra items left over from weddings and items other crafting friends of mine gave me. I piled it all in a closet until I was ready to work on them! I personally think they charge way too much for the wreaths they sell in the stores... all stores!
See ya later!

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  1. You are so creative! I don't think there is anything crafty or otherwise that you can't do! Your wreaths are beautiful!



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