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Now on to my post!

A quick reminder of my goals for these cards:
  • Easily mailed / no extra postage - Postal Service gets enough as it is in my opinion! 
  • Wide range of styles that reach out to the young men in our lives, the old or older, the tots, the ones who love jewelry, cuff links, rings, earrings (as so many of them wear now) etc. Basically those who love bling and those who don't!
  • To use items from my stash that have been long forgotten about! A Must!
  • To go back to what we did before the giant flowers, the fancy and not so fancy brads, the rhinestones, the glitter glues, the bulky embellishments etc.
  • To get you all motivated enough to set time aside for making men's cards BEFORE you need them!
Just as I suspected when I started these posts for my men's cards, I figured it would take me probably a couple months, depending on how often I loaded them, to get them all up on my blog. I think it's been about that length of time or perhaps a bit longer but in any case, I'm almost done! I will probably have three or so more posts and that will be it for this long winding, eventful journey into the deep, dark stash of PawwPadds craft caverns and what they hold! Perhaps some day soon, I'll be invited by you, into your craft caverns to see what mysterious, forgotten items you've come across! LOL!
Well enjoy the post and as always, THANKS for stopping by to say hello!
See you soon!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

 If you'll notice, this sticker and the next 5 have a decorative paper design around them. I wasn't real sure how I would use them because of it, but as it turned out I happened to have this blue paper that matched pretty well! I was happy with it! I used some of that silver tape that I mentioned in another post (also have had for quite some time).

This card has a couple 3 dimensional stickers on it. Can't remember what company made them. Do you have them in YOUR stash?!  :-)
This card is interesting in that, it's a full size card, 5X7, and the guitar you see was actually cut from an ad I picked up in a hotel lobby last summer! It was for some restaurant in the area I was in. I grabbed a few of them, brought them home and cut them all out for later use! The sentiment is an old rub-on and I simply added some rhinestones at the bottom. seriously hope you have been paying attention throughout these posts because, I've been telling you my secrets!   ;-)

This card is also a full size card, sticker car that's metallic red with a rub-on sentiment in the middle.
Also a full size card, same car and also a rub-on sentiment.
I used the Tim Holtz embossing folder (wood grain) for the background paper, the had is actually a cowboy hat that was on some old 81/2 X 11 paper that simply had a few images around the border. I wasn't going to use it otherwise, so I cut the hat off, trimmed it out with a fine tip marker with detail and mounted it on this card! Stamped the sentiment on some craft paper and called it a day!
Also used the Tim Holtz wood grain embossing folder for this one. Used several stickers on this one. These stickers have to be at least8-10 years old!!! I purchased them after my oldest son graduated in Kentucky from Army Boot Camp so that I could do a scrapbook layout for him. As you're entering Kentucky and leaving, you see a huge water drum that has been painted all the way around with the most magnificent image of the Kentucky races! It's fabulous! That was my inspiration and what prompted me to buy the stickers at the time. I made a tag, stamped the sentiment, "grounded" the horse with a simple straight line drawn with a fine tip sharpie, inked the edges with a brown ink and popped up the tag with very masculine brad!

Believe it or not, the stickers on this card and the one below were purchased when I started my youngest son's  scrapbooks. He's now 21 years old, almost 22!!! I just loved them so much because they were "ALL BOY"! This photo doesn't do any of them justice. I just didn't want to get rid of them, didn't know anyone who would use them, all of my Grandchildren are girls (so far) and so I thought I'd try to incorporate them into a card. I always, for the most part, tried to purchase good quality stickers when I was buying them and I always shopped for a good deal on what I needed, as I do now. I've become more creative with reusing, recycling etc. I just try to look / think outside the box when there's something I really want to use.

This is a Fresh Cuts (I believe) also purchase around that same time when I was working on my youngest son's memory albums! The strip going along the card under the cap and ball is a sticker. I will tell you that the way you store your items is key!
Another Fresh Cut (I think). There was another company out there that sort of jumped on the band wagon and started producing the same types of images as the Fresh Cuts, so I'm not real sure, I can't remember if I purchased any of theirs or not. The sentiment is stamped. This card couldn't be simpler! Love those kind!
Another Fresh Cuts image and stamped sentiment.
Fresh Cuts Image and stamped sentiment.
Lol! Old as my youngest son at least! I simply popped it up over a corrugated strip of brown paper, put a gold brad in it, stamped the sentiment and there it is! I must tell you that the sentiment I used on this one is made to look "old world" or vintage. I like it, but I'm always afraid the recipient will think I just didn't do a good job stamping it out  :-)
Another tag from the same book. Notice the difference in the size. Those corners at each end of the tag are old stickers and I used the same sentiment.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. A quick recap: Storage is key, Don't look at anything the same, Everything is up for grabs in the world of crafting, Don't dismiss the value of those VERY OLD supplies in your stash, Reuse, Recycle, and Most Important... STOP GIVING THE POSTAL SYSTEM ALL OF YOUR MONEY!!!

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  1. Hi Bethann,
    There are several favorites in this post. I am loving those Fresh Cuts cards. They look so good! So glad I still have some to use. : ) I actually like most of the cowboy cards at the beginning of your post. That blue paper really works well with those stickers! Maybe my favorite for the whole post is the "Cool" card with the sports car on it. Something about that paper really caught my eyes! I'll be right back to check out your next installment! Hugs!



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