Friday, January 28, 2011


A quick reminder of my goals for these cards:

  1. Easily mailed / no extra postage - They get enough as it is in my opinion! 
  2. Wide range of styles that reach out to the young men in our lives, the old or older, the tots, the ones who love jewelry, cuff links, rings, earrings (as so many of them wear now) etc. Basically those who love bling and those who don't!
  3. To use items from my stash that have been long forgotten about! A Must!
  4. To go back to what we did before the giant flowers, the fancy and not so brads, the rhinestones, the glitter glues, the bulky embellishments etc.
  5. To get you all motivated enough to set time aside for making men's cards BEFORE you need them!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek! 

PS. I thought I'd lead off with the photos of the many men's cards I've completed! This isn't even all of them. At this point, I'd already began loading them on my blog and putting those that had been loaded, away in my craft room! Crazy Huh???!

 This is a very old paper punch-out and stamped sentiment.
 Cut from decorative paper and glued on  with stamped sentiment.
 Another one of those squares cut from decorative paper.
 I actually made a couple of these cards because I had a xerox copy of this image. The original was a paper in a very small paper stack. Stamped sentiment.
 This truck I cut from an advertisement for a rubber stamp, I think, and the sentiment is stamped, clear rhinestone in lower corner. I just kinda drew the smoke from the exhaust and the "road" line.
 Both stickers, I thought kind of odd but, nonetheless, stickers that I swore to use! Lol! Rub-on DAD.
 Stamped sentiment and sticker car that I put on a black piece of cardstock paper and trimmed around before placing down on card. I really didn't want to back it with black but, the color in the deco paper is really odd. Is it taupe or is it gray??? It's one of those kind of colors. I just couldn't match it!
 I think the books were a cut-out from many, many moons ago! Stamped sentiment.
 The following cards are all very much the same... Used all stickers from different sticker packs I had involving B-Ball (My youngest son's fave pastime) and the sentiments were all stamped on scrap pieces I cut.

 Again, I tried to take advantage of layering my stickers in all of the B-Ball cards.
 In this card and the next 8 following it, I actually took the card bases and stamped the diamond pattern all over them, used scraps of deco paper and stamped sentiments on scraps that I cut to make these cards come to life. I was satisfied with them because I was going for a vintage flair as well as a masculine look and I think I accomplished both.

 This tag is a very old tag from a book I had that was loaded with cut-outs. I believe it's by Paper Pizazz company which is now owned by someone else, I think. Stuck in a real brad this time. LOL!
 Another one of those squares cut off of some deco paper.
 Another cut-out tag from the same book as above. The paper and glasses in the lower right were left over from a sticker sheet that I had a long time ago.

 Another cut-out from the same book! LOL! I actually mounted this one.

 Another one of those squares! A REAL button that I threaded with neutral twine!
 I love this paper but just didn't know what to do with it and then I saw these stickers and well... They just seemed to go together so well. The next few cards are very similar but, they are different.

 This is actually deco paper from the same stash but, it's the top of the paper. The paper had mountains and trees on it and this was cut from the top. The same leaf sticker (I think it was the last one left) and the other is a square punch-out that I put a leaf sticker on. The bug was on the square already.
 After I stuck this tree down, I really didn't like it on this paper but, it would not come up! Had To Leave It!!!
 I actually like the way this tree looks on this particular section of the same deco paper. Weird huh?
 This one's okay, I thought.
 Like this one. By the way, all of the trees are very good quality stickers that I'd had for quite some time. They're kind of like vellum stickers and I love the way they look against certain kinds of backgrounds.

 Here's another one of my little people. I cut his clothes out of paper scraps I thought looked like fabric. Cutting the tiny hair was the worst!

 This is a ready made sentiment left over from that same card kit I mentioned in a previous post (My sister Rachel gave me that kit), I punched slits in the Fresh Cuts cut-out so I could run this scrap of leather through it.
 A Fresh Cuts cut-out.
 A square cut from that same paper and a dimensional sticker with a dragonfly on it.
 This card bothers me but, I'll live with it. The sentiment, I was told again by my friend to leave the way it is and the boat is a rub-on!
 The bear is a rub-on.
 The compass is an old Paper Pizazz punch-out!
 The next few cards are all very similar. The checked strip down the side is a portion that I cut from a 12" long sticker border. The dragonflies are all stickers from a different set of stickers I think and of course the sentiments are stamped.

Well, there it is! Hope you enjoyed it and I hope to have another post up by Sunday afternoon. Have a great weekend! 


  1. Hi Bethann

    Wow, what an amazing collection of mens cards.

    I particularly like the ones with dragonflie.

    Michelle :-)

  2. Hi Bethann, Thanks for your latest installment of your "men's" cards. Actually, I do not think they are all necessarily for men. Love the "get well" set at the end, they are cheery and I think they could definitely be sent to either sex. I also love that map paper you used. I could use some of that for retirement cards. : ) I like your sentiments "make a wish" and "thinking of you" the best on those cards. I think your bear rub on looks great on that paper, too. The little boy cards look real cute. And of course I love your "leaf and tree" set. I think I have always been partial to nature stuff! lol I think the basketball cards will work well for teen males. I am still amazed at the number of cards you have completed, and I look forward once again to your next installment! I was trying my hardest to "peep" in those first few pics. Just couldn't see through the mass! lol Love and hugs!

  3. Hi Bethann,

    Wow, now you don't have to worry about masculine cards. I like the one with the map and the dragon flies best.



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