Thursday, October 28, 2010


There were very many people at this convention, including the vendors. There were probably only about 20-25 booths! They held some classes (we didn't even hear about until it was too late) on Friday, ran it from 10am - 5pm on Saturday and it closed at 3pm on Sunday. The vendors told us it would grow in vendor numbers with each year that they do it as long as the public continues to come out and support it. My friend and I live in hope!

This photo and the one above show some of the works in the booth that had altered art items and a lot of Tim Holtz products. If you haven't seen his latest paper stack, well you should, it's awesome!

This photo was actually taken in a booth that was selling shrinky dink products! They had several card walls and scrapbook layouts to look at.

A card showing my friends new image.

These are all new images belonging to my friend Cindy. My favorites are the boats and the car. She said she'll share! LOL!

I bought myself some of Tim's famous distress inks! I will be experimenting with them as time rolls on. I was told that they are made to be "wetter" than regular dye inks, meaning they will stay damp longer. I don't know yet. If you've had experiance using these inks, please leave me a comment telling me what you think of them.
This is a clear set of stamps I purchased from the Inky Antics booth. I just love it! Aren't they just as cute as can be??? These are some of my newest images. They are not mounted and I hope to be using them on my cards after the new year! Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a cute bunny rabbit and I thought these were extremely cute! Love the vintage care for my men's cards, love the tree (had to special order it from the show), plan on doing some oriental cards in the future, and just thought the circular birthday greeting would work well as the focus on a card and help to simplify my work. The wizard I'll use on any type of celebratory card. The smallest image in the upper right corner was a freebie.
These are from chipboard/cardboard, and some other elements. I really didn't ask too much about these. The are on stands that look like they were also created by the artist. They stood approx. 8-10 inches high on the table. I just thought they were very interesting and creative. Nice conversation piece.

This face art piece and the one following are made of primo clay (oven bake product), chipboard and beads. The artist said she had to pretty much make them look how she needed them because one of them was a cowboy with a cleft chin, a square jaw line and I think she said one of them had a mustache! Very talented! By the way, this face was attached to the top of a round lid on a box.

This is some art (a broach) work by a very talented young lady who was manning one of the booths. She had a lot of altered art projects and cards hanging. She was also selling quite a bit of Tim Holtz items. Well, thanks for stopping by again. See you soon with my men's cards!!! Til then, keep creating!
Bethann aka PawwPadd

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  1. Hi! Good morning! Well I am on here with a couple minutes before I need to get out the front door! I like the cars, the Asian looking plant, the bunny rabbit head, and the tub, and that boat scene is nice! I remember what happened now, I tried to leave a long comment like this one before, and got an error after I tried to post it. : / OK, well, I better run. Thanks again for everything! Love you!



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