Monday, May 31, 2010


So, I decided deep within myself that I just had to do this! I wanted to work on my father's day cards (motivated by my sister) and I had an idea to use some dvds that I purchased a while back. As soon as I looked at the Dick Tracy dvd cover I knew I had to duplicate it! My sister said I was crazy for doing it and we just laughed about it. I showed the card to my daughter and had trouble convincing her that I hand cut this image. Funny thing is, she was here at my home while I sat and worked on this card! I decided to take photos of, not just the card but of the steps involved in it's creation so all of you could see my process. I will let you all know that I do have an art background so challenges like this one make me feel alive! I'm normally happy with the outcome and interested in what others have to say about them. When I challenge myself like this, it helps me to know that I am still here, that the gifts GOD gave me are still intact, and that the 4 years I had art as a major was not a waste! When I look at something and it speaks to me... this is what happens. Thanks for stopping by! Bethann - aka - PawwPadd

PS. I must say, after I put this much work into a card or any craft item I plan on giving away, it's hard for me sometime to know whether or not the recipient will appreciate it for what it is and that makes parting with it that much more difficult. Do any of you ever feel this way?

                               After MUCH trial and error I came up with this as a template. I just
                                                 used a scrap piece of paper I had (thank you).

In the beginning. I really had trouble finding a tool to transfer the image onto the
black cardstock with. I ended up using a plastic canvas sewing needle. It's chunky
enough that it gave me something to hold on to and yet it has a blunt tip so I didn't
have to worry about it tearing through my template.

Very delicate at this point! Yikes!

Even more delicate! Coming to life though!

Test fit! I was very thrilled at this point. There were some areas I
wasn't happy with, but overall I was pretty happy.

I had to pull out my Sizzix SideKick to die-cut the letters. This was a
very long process. I had to cut the name Dick Tracy out three times!
Once in black, once in red and once in yellow.

The card itself is wider and taller than the dvd so I had to improvise
a portion of his body and the top portion of the card because of it.

I made a pocket to hold the dvd on the inside of the card. It's drab,
but by this time I felt as though I'd been worked over like a
punching bag in a gym! LOL! My finger tip went numb from
all of the cutting with the x-acto blade and my eyes were watering
for relief! LOL! It will eventually say "Happy Father's Day"!

Another look at the two side by side. Wish I'd had a darker
purple paper but... Hope you enjoyed this process as much as I did!
Thanks again for stopping by.


  1. OMG, Bethann, this look amazing! I've always wanted to do this kind of craft but it seem like it'd take a lot of time and I never even give it a try. You did an awesome job.

  2. Thanks Helen! You're so kind (smile)

  3. Bethann! I am struggling to keep my eyes open but I just had to comment on this post. You are VERY gifted from God to be able to do something like that! Your card looks like a definite duplicste of the original. I am amazed and awed! TFS!

  4. PS. Love the new header photo of Casey sleeping on your desk! Do I need to comment on the new Archie photo? I never get tired of looking at him! : )

  5. Thanks Rae, No need for the Archie comment :-)
    and I'm glad you like the new photo of my Casey Girl.

  6. Wow Bethann I love your Dick Tracy it is awesome!! I love animation!! And your pretty kitty looks so snuggly..In answer to the deadline of my challenge 2 it finishes next Sunday 13th June..You will have to forgive me for my lack of challenge hoop hah but I will get time progresses..Hope you will join in :) huggs Lynn

  7. OMGoodness! This must have taken you ages! It looks brilliant. Thanks for coming to visit my blog too! I hope to keep it updated more often from now on.

    Love, Clare x

  8. Bethann,

    Everyone beat me to the punch with superlatives. So, I'll just say:


    The cool part was watching it come together.
    I have a bit of advice about "appreciation" ...

    In your heart, no one can steal the joy you feel whenever you think back on your fondest creations. In your mind, no one will see the clarity of the beauty, nor the glaring mistakes that you see. In your spirit, you always have the gratitude that, perhaps, someone will look at your creation on their mantel and appreciate it 1/10 as much as you appreciated them enough to make it in the first place.



  9. Hey Bethann this is so WOWZA AWESOME! I can't believe what a 'labor of love' this project turned out to be. I have to say that anyone who receives one of your cards will surely consider it a gift all by itself (no need to add cash) :o)

  10. Hi Bethann

    Wow!! What an amazing gift you have created. You are very talented.

    Thank you for linking up to Make It Monday this week.

    Michelle :-)



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