Monday, April 13, 2009

I Survived Easter With My Grandbaby! Whoo-Hooo!


I baby-sat my 3 almost 4 year old Grandbaby Arianna, on Friday and Saturday prior to Easter! On Friday evening I let her plant some clover plant seeds in a little pot especially for her. It all came in a kit with the pot, dirt clod and seeds. You have to place the dirt clod (about the roundness of a quarter and about 1/4 inch thick) in a small bowl with a tiny bit of water. As I walked away to dispose of the packaging, she yelled out "Grammy, Grammy"! I rushed back over to find the dirt clod had grown into a poofed up monster of a dirt hill! LOL! We were all amazed! We put the dirt into the mini pot and placed the seeds in and voila' we were done! Well, then she got to use her "smell good" scented markers to color in another, somewhat larger flower pot that had a "coloring book" insert for her to change out. It's kind of like those mugs that have the pictures you can color.

Shortly after that, it was time for bed. She rushed over to the window sill and said she wanted to see how her plant was growing. She was so sad and disappointed to find that it looked exactly like it did a few moments before. I had to reassure her that it would look different in a few days. On Saturday we had beautiful weather, about 80 degrees! I took her out so she could ride her tricycle, which by the way I'd painted ballerina pink just for her (covered up the fire engine red). Once she tired of that and I'd realized I was on the verge of a heat stroke, we retired to the front porch to sit a while. All of a sudden, we heard some music unlike any other music on the planet! THE ICE CREAM MAN WAS COMING!!! Boy do kids learn fast.

We went across the lawn to flag him down, I let her choose her poison and she chose the bubblegum pop. We went back up to the porch and I went in to get her a coffee filter (if you poke the pop stick through it, it will catch all of the drips! A tip from Parenting Magazine). She ate that pop and loved it! After getting her mouth cleaned up, I let her play for a while and she played with my youngest son, who is now almost 20 yrs. old. They finally settled out on the porch together and She rested back in the lounger as if she was Queen of the Nile being fanned by her servants, all while rolling on her favorite grape flavored lip gloss.

She's so dramatic she is. I then prepared to gather all of the supplies for painting her fingernails (in a very clear w/glitter polish) because I told her we would the night before and we all know kids don't forget anything that's not a chore. I put a little gemstone on each of her pinkys and called it a day with that. I went in to prepare our lunch while she lounged back on the porch with her uncle.

Once we ate lunch, we watched a little Disney and then went in to take a nap. We slep about 2 1/2 hours I know. I finally had to wake her up because she was goin' strong and I was afraid she wouldn't want to sleep once her bed time rolled around that night...and I would of course be the blame. After we got up we decorated Easter eggs and that was a real blast! I cooked the eggs while we ate lunch and layed them out to cool while we slept so they were ready to go when we got up! Go Grammy, Go Grammy! Hey my motto is like the scouts, "Always Be Prepared"!

Her Mom came to pick her up at about 8pm and I spent the rest of the night into the morning working on cards with my friend... I survived!!!

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  1. You did it! Now I can get some help! (laugh) It was a great surprise to see your new blog, and I really needed something to make me smile because right now life is handing me lemons! Congratulations! And I definitely look forward to keeping up with your blog. Mine is on hold right now, but I hope to get back to it soon as I have so much to put on it. It is great to see the progression of your cards. Look forward to seeing more!...



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