Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hello Everyone,
Hope you're all well and ready for the March winds! Before I say anything else, I need to first say these cards were inspired by the very famous Dawn Mcvey! What a talented lady! I will provide a link to the card that inspired it all at the bottom of this post. I am very lucky because, I just happened to be chatting with my sister Rachel, another very talented card maker, and she was telling me about Dawn's work. I'm not as blog saavy as she is and I thought I'd heard of Dawn before but just wasn't sure if I'd seen her work. Well, my sister has a link to Dawn's blog on her site, ,because she absolutely loves her work, so I followed that link and found this card! Lucky, lucky me! I must tell you that I do suffer from a incurable illness that I will live with the rest of my life, now having said that, there are many days that I NEED this type of modivation in my life. My sister Rachel modivates me a lot and I know now that Dawn's work can modivate me. I just came from visiting her site and I noticed something about her work that I just ABSOLUTELY love. SHE USES BUTTONS!!! I LOVE BUTTONS! I've been wanting to use my buttons but had no inspiration for using them and then I happened along Dawn's web page... without further folly... I only hope I've done her proud.

If you have trouble accessing it from the link at the very bottom of the last card added on this post (yellow), please see my blog list at right. Dawn's blog on my list is called "My Favorite Things". You will have to click over to Dawn's November 17, 2009 post and scroll down a bit. Thanks for viewing!



  1. Hi,
    You and Rachel don't just make one card! I love the simplicity of the cards. Nice bow! Love the way you use different size buttons.

  2. This is funny~ I was just about to write a comment when my screen flipped to another site (this is as techy as I get :) I got back into your comment section and there is a note from "Helen" and I'm reading her message thinking "Hey, that's what I was going to say" LOL
    I love these cards with all those wonderful buttons AND the fact that you and Rae always make so many cards at one time! {{{HUGS}}} the other Helen:o)

  3. Hi Bethann!
    These cards are sooo cute! I also loce the various sized buttons. It adds a nice bit of interest to each card. I have some favorites, and they are the blue (amazing what that last "detail" can do), the red, the creme, the black and the yellow. They turned out lovely! I don't know it I can wait until April for your next post! :)

  4. Hey I just noticed that David Archuleta photo! Ha! I'll be back later, or I'm gonna be late for work (and school!)

  5. WOW! you made a lot of cards. They are lovely. I think the black and white are my fav. They are all beautiful You go girl. We all need a little push especially if we are ill.
    I made a bunch of cards this week for the stamping olympics.
    must head to bed. Have a great week.



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